How to replace water filter for samsung refrigerator

The water filter light on your fridge operates on a timer and will turn on after 6 months. For models where the indicator is always lit, it will turn red after 6 months.

Depending on the quality of the water in your area and the amount of water you dispense, you may want to change the filter more or less frequently than the light suggests. To determine if a new filter is needed, dispense water first with the filter installed and then with the filter removed. If the speed the water dispenses at is significantly different, you should replace the filter whether the indicator is lit or not.

You can use the following steps to reset the filter light:

  1. Find the Filter Reset button on the control panel, if it's available. It is sometimes the secondary function of another button on the panel.
    Note: Some models may require two buttons to be touched simultaneously to reset the light. Touch screen models will use on-screen menus instead. For instructions specific to your refrigerator, see your user manual.

    How to replace water filter for samsung refrigerator

  2. Once located, touch and hold the correct button for 3 seconds until the light resets.
  3. The filter icon will either turn off or change back to its normal color when it's reset. This starts the 6 month timer over again.

Do you have to turn the water off to change the water filter in a Samsung refrigerator?

Samsung fridges with internal filters have an auto shut off valve, so you don't need to shut the water off to swap out the filter. We do not recommend shutting off the water because customers sometimes have installation issues because they have shut off the water causing air locks etc.

Do you have to turn off the water supply to change a refrigerator filter?

You do not have to shut off the water supply from your refrigerator to change out an old water filter.