Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

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  • Why Bare Naked EX
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  • The THINNEST CLEAR CASE for iPhone 13 Pro Max - 0.5mm Thin!

    Will NOT turn yellow!

    Works with Apple MagSafe Accessories.

    *Yes, this case is super thin & sexy, which naturally means it's NOT a case for drop protection. It will also show wear & tear if placed on rough surfaces.

    **Clear cases will show hairline scratches from normal wear & tear more obviously than the matte options we offer. This is not a defect, and is a natural characteristic of clear plastic polymers.

  • Bare Naked EX is the epitome of what's possible with today's know-how in material science - a clear case that is just 0.5mm thin, break-resistant, superb clarity, and won't turn yellow with time.

    In fact, this is the closest ever to the experience of using your iPhone 13 Pro Max completely naked while still providing protection from wear & tear.

    This case is so thin & clear, you'll hardly realise there's a case on!

  • 1 x Bare Naked EX for iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Lots of enjoyment using your iPhone 13 Pro Max as it was meant to be.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

Superb clarity

Our proprietary resin makes the ultimate case for case-haters; the thinnest clear case ever for iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max so you can flaunt it in all its entirety!

* This unique resin contains special oxides to prevent yellowing from UV rays. The reflective nature of these oxides will make darker coloured iPhones (like Graphite) look a tad lighter. If that bothers you, you might prefer our original Bare Naked case.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

No yellowing

A special oxide in our resin prevents Bare Naked EX from turning yellow over time; a problem that plagues clear cases, no matter how clean you try to be.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me


At just 0.5mm thin, Bare Naked EX adds zero bulk while protecting your precious iPhone from everyday wear & tear.
It's so thin, you'll barely realise you have a case on your iPhone.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

Screen protection

Your iPhone's screen stays protected when you lay it facedown on a flat surface thanks to a display lip.

For added peace of mind, we highly recommend using our Pane screen protector to protect against hard-hitting drops.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

Your cameras are safe

The camera cutout is raised just a hair so it stays safe from scratches when you lay your iPhone flat on a table.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me


As usual, you won't find any brand marks on our cases! Your iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max takes center stage!

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

Works with Apple MagSafe accessories

No visible magnets here

Your Apple MagSafe wallet, charger, & other accessories work great with Bare Naked EX!

*As stated by Apple, using MagSafe accessories may cause slight imprints on your case or phone (if you go case-less).
Not guaranteed to work with 3rd party accessories.

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

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Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

12 Months Warranty

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or if the product fails within 12 months,
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(Our warranty does not cover accidental damage, and normal wear & tear.)

Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

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and we'll do our best to help.

Drop us an email within 7 days of receiving your purchase and we'll get in touch with you shortly. 

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Clear iphone 13 pro max case near me

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Is iPhone 13 clear case worth it?

As such, I've been using Apple's iPhone 13 Clear Case with MagSafe ($49) with my iPhone 13 Pro Max review unit since they were released back in September 2021, and I can safely say that it's an excellent case that comes highly recommended.

Does a iPhone 13 Pro Max need a case?

We would recommend that you invest in a case or cover for your iPhone 13 Pro. A good cover can protect your phone from cracked screens, from drops, dents, dirt, scratches and help keep it looking like new for when you'd like to sell it.

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