Best wild oregano oil capsules

Each bottle contains 30 Vegicaps which contains guaranteed Wild Oil of Oregano in a base of cold pressed certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

May be used as a tonic for general health.


Certified organic extra virgin olive oil, 100mg certified organic oregano oil (Origanum vulgare) encapsulated in Vegicaps.


Adults Only - take one capsule daily or as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. Not suitable for children under 12 unless directed by their medical practitioner.

Cautions & Warnings:

  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
  • If pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your doctor prior to using.
  • If taking blood thinners consult your medical practitioner before use.
  • Avoid use if allergic to the mint family of plants.

✔Gluten Free
✔Dairy Free
✔Vegan Friendly
✔Certified Organic Oregano Oil
✔100% Australian Made

  • Our Oil of Wild Oregano is Certified Organic and is produced under ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP quality procedures.
  • We are also made in Australia and are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia registar.
  • We undertake rigorous testing to ensure quality is always maintained and commit to ensuring that only the highest quality, natural, unadulterated Oil of Wild Oregano is utilized in our products.
  • Third party tested for chemical constituents, heavy metal presence, and an array of microbiological tests. As well as ongoing batch stability testing (shelf-life).
  • Our products are manufactured in TGA, GMP compliant and Australian Certified Organic facilities

Oil of Wild Oregano is one of Nature’s most potent fighters. 

It contains powerful biogenic volatile compounds, namely Carvacrol and Thymol which are oxygenated monoterpenes.

These are the main two components that make up the essential oil, the defence mechanism of the plant.

These components are what reduce the abiotic stress of the plant, and defend it against herbivores, and pathogens.

Much like it is fighting off a “cold”.

Carvacrol and Thymol have been extensively studied and have been found to have several therapeutic qualities.

Carvacrol and thymol are very powerful compounds on their own but the therapeutic effects are greater when they are working together.

Like they do in the Oregano plant.

However there’s a problem with the way the many Oregano Oil products are made. 

It all depends on its source.

A lot of Oregano plants are grown in fields that are not the plant’s natural habitat. These fields do not possess the same soil quality and climate that is essential for the plant to thrive and grow to its full therapeutic potency.

Moreover, the soil may have been contaminated, or pesticides used to ensure maximised harvests.

As well as being grown on a farm outside its natural habitat, Carvacrol levels are often artificially increased during the process of extraction. In these standardisation methods, the natural synergy of active constituents in the oil are often placed out of balance.  Focus is placed on artificially maximising carvacrol levels, with no thought given to the effect that this will have on the synergistic properties of the end product.

Solutions4Health’s Oil of Wild Oregano is sourced from a particular species of Oregano that has the highest therapeutic qualities, Origanum Vulgare.

This grows wild in high altitudes of the Mediterranean region.

We DO NOT cultivate these lands or alter the natural growing process of the plant.

Instead we let nature do its thing and when the time comes the plants are hand picked.

As they are being hand picked, the plants are shaken to drop seeds back into the earth.

It is important that the Oregano oil has its natural state preserved, with no adulteration of any of its constituents because all of the active constituents in their natural state and levels act synergistically together to provide its amazing benefits.

It is imperative to remember that this is a potent natural medicine, and only nature can get these levels right.

Different “batches” of Wild Oregano will have grown in slightly different environmental seasons and conditions resulting in mild variations in constituent levels. It is only the science of nature that can slightly adjust and produce the other elements in precisely the form and level required for that perfect synergy to continue.

FAQ's For Oil of Wild Oregano

What is the percentage of Carvacrol in your Oregano essential oil?

Solutions 4 Health Oil of wild oregano has a high carvacrol content of around 80%

Should I drink lots of water when taking Oil of Wild Oregano?

Yes. Water helps flush toxins left from dead pathogens (bacteria, candida, parasites etc.) from the body. It is important to drink 8-12 glasses of water daily to maintain good health.

Can I take too much Oil of Oregano?

Yes! Essential oils are composed of highly concentrated naturally occurring chemicals. Even herbs and natural forms of many plants are only beneficial in small quantities. This is true of Oil of Oregano. Please do not exceed recommended dosages.

The adage "less is more" is at work here. The liver must process the Oregano oil and will become overloaded if too large an amount is taken. People using excessive amounts of alcohol regularly or taking 3 or more prescription drugs should avoid using Oil of Oregano.

Can Oil of Oregano be used to help prevent infections?

Yes. Use Oil of Oregano with soap to wash hands or skin after exposure to public washrooms or close contact with other people such as shaking hands, kissing or crowded environments such classrooms, airplanes, buses etc. You may also inhale the oil, or rub it on the gums. Avoid mucous membranes and other sensitive skin areas.

Oil of Oregano can be added to water in a mister and sprayed around the house to kill bacteria, mold and viruses in the air. Use a drop or two on a sponge or wet cloth for cleaning kitchen counters, sinks, stoves; and refrigerators in order to kill microbes.

What is the shelf life of Oil of Oregano?

The shelf life of the oil is many years. Oil of Oregano contains natural antioxidants which preserve the olive oil.

Who makes the best wild oregano oil?

Zane Hellas – Oregano Oil Softgels. Zane Hellas oregano oil softgels contain 25% greek essential oil of oregano and 75% extra virgin olive oil. ... .
North American Herb & Spice – Oreganol. ... .
Solgar – Wild Oregano Oil. ... .
Herbal Roots – Oil of Oregano. ... .
Puritan's Pride – Oil of Oregano..

Which is better oregano oil or capsules?

Oregano contains a phenol called carvacrol with which the potency varies between essential oil and the herbal supplement of Oil of Oregano (many supplement companies use a standardized dilution). Essential oils are much more potent than its herbal counterpart.

What is the most potent oil of oregano?

Exactly that kind of plant habitat is the basis for the scientific fact that Origanum Minutiflorum is the strongest kind of wild oregano ever found, with the highest percentage of the active substance – carvacrol.

Are oil of oregano capsules as effective as the liquid?

Either can be used. It is a matter of preference. The taste can be strong so many prefer the capsules. However the liquid can act a tiny bit faster so some prefer that.