Dental vision and health insurance packages for individuals

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Individual and family dental insurance plans

From budget-friendly monthly premiums to low office-visit copays, Humana has a dental plan that is sure to fit your needs.

View plans and prices available in your area

Dental vision and health insurance packages for individuals

  • Humana Dental is proud to announce our customer satisfaction award

    Ranked No. 1 by J.D. Power for Customer Satisfaction with Dental Plans

    Visit J.D. Power for more information about the 2022 award.

Humana has affordable dental plans for any budget with no waiting period

Complete Dental

Robust coverage at an affordable rate with plans starting at $44/month

Complete Dental

Loyalty Plus

Benefits increase the longer you’re a member. Plans start at $28/month

Loyalty Plus

Preventive Value

Budget-friendly preventive care with plans starting at $18/month

Preventive Value

3 ways that Humana’s dental plans can provide affordable insurance

Variety of dental plan options

Get the affordable coverage you need at budget-friendly rates

No waiting periods for most plans

Most plans can become effective for you to use in 5–7 days

Stay in network and save

Our large dental network has more than 335,000 in-network dentist and specialist locations,* meaning more is covered at a lower cost.

* Internal dentist provider location data as of October 2021.

Common questions about dental insurance for individuals and families

Dental vision and health insurance packages for individuals

What are some common dental costs?

Costs for services like exams, fillings and X-rays can vary based on where you live and on your dental plan.

    Dental vision and health insurance packages for individuals

    What is a dental PPO plan?

    A dental PPO plan gives you the ability to go to any dentist you like, but you can save money by visiting a dentist that is in the plan’s network.

      Dental Savings Plus discount program

      Immediate discounts on dental care plus other services, such as vision, prescription, hearing and alternative medicine.1

      Learn more about Dental Savings Plus

      Enroll today or learn more about dental plans

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      Monday – Friday
      8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Eastern time

      1-855-202-4081 (TTY: 711)

      Find a dentist

      See if your dentist is in our network

      Learn more

      Understand the different types of dental insurance.

      All-in-one dental, vision and hearing insurance coverage now available

      Coverage for what you need at a price that fits your budget. Plans start at $35.99/month.*

      Robust coverage with a $1000 yearly maximum dental implant benefit.† Plans start at $59.99/month.‡

      Unmatched DVH coverage that includes a $2000 yearly maximum dental implant benefit.** Plans start at $82.99/month.††

      * Rate is for 1 person with Humana Extend 1250 plan in Kansas.

      † Subject to 12 month waiting period, $2,000 lifetime maximum and $2,500 annual maximum for all dental benefits combined.

      ‡ Rate is for 1 person with Humana Extend 2500 plan in Nebraska.

      ** Subject to 6 month waiting period, $4,000 lifetime maximum and $5,000 annual maximum for all dental benefits combined.

      †† Rate is for 1 person with Humana Extend 5000 plan in Nebraska.

      Whole-person health in 1 affordable DVH plan

      Dental insurance

      Maintaining good oral health is a key part of staying healthy. Dental insurance helps manage the costs of preventive care and also helps lower costs for an unexpected event, like a broken tooth or a cavity.

      Vision insurance

      Vision problems can affect people of all ages, while other issues are more common as we get older.1 Vision insurance helps protect your eye health as well as ensuring you have access to the eyeglasses or contacts you rely on.

      Hearing insurance

      Hearing benefits, including insurance coverage for hearing aids, can be a key resource for managing health, especially for seniors. Hearing insurance can also ensure you have affordable options for hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.

      3-in-1 health insurance designed for you

      Learn how the combined benefits of the all-new Humana Extend plans simplify your life and help you navigate your health.

      Care without disruptions

      There are no waiting periods on preventive dental exams and cleanings or routine vision and hearing exams. That way your routine care won’t be disrupted by transitioning to a new plan.

      Organized and easy plan management

      Instead of managing 3 separate plans, Humana Extend combines dental, vision and hearing premiums into 1 simple, streamlined payment.

      Peace of mind at any age

      Take care of 3 critical needs in 1 comprehensive plan. Whether you’re a senior looking to purchase dental, vision and hearing insurance or looking for flexible benefits that grow with your family, Humana Extend plan options have got you covered.

      Looking for something else?

      Speak with an agent


      8 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern time

      1-888-371-9538 (TTY: 711)

      Check in on your hearing

      Think you might have hearing loss or need hearing aids?


      1. “Top Causes of Eye Problems,” WebMD, last accessed January 11, 2022,

      What is the best health dental and vision insurance?

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      Does Obama care cover dental and vision for adults?

      Dental/Vision Not Included Unless You're a Kid If you choose to be covered by one of the new “metal” plans known as Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan it does not cover dental and vision.

      Which is the best health insurance?

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      Which of the following government programs are designed to help people who are having difficulty affording health insurance quizlet?

      Medicaid acts as the nation's major public health insurance program for Americans that have low-incomes and covers certain non-elderly groups.